Winter Self-Care and Signposting

Self-care and signposting to the right services can be key to managing your health alongside the NHS during the winter period.

What does it cost to get your medicines cabinet in good shape to self-care?

1)Did you know you can stock your medicine cabinet for less than £10? Most common
aliments can be treated at home using well known medication – perfect for if
you’re feeling under the weather #selfcare
2)Sore throat, Sore stomach, harsh cough, Sinusitis? This can usually be sorted at
home using common medicines. If your medicine cabinet is looking worse for
wear, pop down to your local pharmacy and speak to dedicate healthcare
professionals who will help you restock and get back on the mend all in the
comfort of your own home! #selfcare
3)This winter make #selfcare your first option. This short animation lets you know
what you should have in your medicines cabinet for less than £10 – take a look

I dont feel very well…how long should I wait before I need treatment?

1)Most common ailments such as colds, sore throats or ear infections cannot be treated with antibiotics. So stay at home, drink plenty of fluids and rest up. #selfcare
2)Did you know? Pharmacies are able to give advice on medicines and treating minor ailments, if you are feeling under the weather but don’t know what do, pop into your local pharmacy and speak to the team of dedicated healthcare professionals #selfcare
3)The best way to treat most common ailments is through self care. Click here for top tips on looking after yourself if you are feeling a little under the weather. #selfcare

Respiratory Conditions

1)Dr Ravi Jayaram has teamed up with us to create a short video explaining the rise in respiratory conditions in young children and what parents should be on the look out for! To watch the video, click here:  #selfcare 
2)Has your little one got a really bad chest? Watch this short film for some useful advice and guidance from Dr Ravi about what you can do to look after them #selfcare 3)As well as hearing from Dr Ravi we have a range of guides to support you to #selfcare when it comes to looking after your little one if they have a bad chest. Click here to find out more #selfcare


1)The #CATCH app is a very useful tool for anyone looking after little ones.  It contains useful information about emergency care for children, services available in the local area and information on routine care such as immunisations and medication. Get it wherever you get your apps #selfcare
2)Dr Bishop tells us why she recommends the #CATCH app, take a look at this short
film and download the app from wherever you get your apps from #selfcare
3)Flu season is upon us, so make sure if your child is able that they have been vaccinated to prevent nasty illnesses. CATCH can help you keep on top of your child’s vaccination schedule, download the app today #vaccinations #selfcare


1)Do not put off seeking help if u are worried about a health problem. Try your
pharmacy first #selfcare
2)Your local pharmacies now provide a wide range of #NHS services. #AskYourPharmacist about vaccinations, blood pressure checks, health concerns and a consultation about any newly prescribed medication.
3)Cough,cold or sore throat? Visit your community pharmacy for advice and over the counter medicines. You don’t need an appointment and many pharmacies now have private consulting rooms. #AskYourPharmacist

NHS 111

1)When you think you need A&E, call 111 first or go to 111 online. They will help you right away and if needed, a healthcare professional will call you #helpushelpyou #selfcare
2)If you have a medical problem and don’t know what to do, call 111 or visit 111 online #helpushelpyou #selfcare
3)If you are worried or concerned and think that you need medical help, call 111 first or visit 111 online. A fully trained advisor can give you expert advice and direction without the wait #NHS111 #helpushelpyou