Active Practice Chartership

Physical inactivity is one of the major modifiable risk factors for preventable early death, but GPs and their teams haven’t always felt empowered to encourage their patients to move more. Because of the growing epidemic of chronic lifestyle-related disease, mental health disease and social isolation, Sport England and the Royal College of GP’s (RCGP) have teamed up to take action and develop the Active Practice Chartership as a step towards improving mental and physical wellbeing for all.

Here in Chester East PCN, we have successfully been chartered as Active Practice’s, meaning we have been playing close attention to reducing sedentary behaviour, improving activity levels and have now partnered with the Chester Cycling Campaign to increase our involvement with local activity providers. The Chester Cycling Campaign is a great way for any of our patients to increase their activity levels on a leisure basis, by exploring new routes, building confidence or having a 1-1 cycle buddy. It is also a chance to become involved within the wider community and meet people who similarly want to take management of their health and wellbeing by increasing their activity levels. If this is something that may appeal to you, contact

Alternatively, if cycling is not for you our social prescriber and wellbeing coordinator can direct you to a variety of health and wellbeing partnerships in and around Chester. No matter what your age, there is an opportunity for everyone to get active from walking groups, parkrun practices, dancing, chair-based exercise or change hubs. A simple lifestyle consultation with any of our staff can also explore what may be the best option for you to become more active and manage your health in a way that suits you.

Not only can you see a direct impact from managing your own health, but did you know that research shows that regular physical activity can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by as much as 35% and decrease the risk of early death by as much as 30%.

If you also suffer from long term health issues, activity is also a key factor in managing the effects you endure. Reducing sedentary behavior will minimise the extent to which your blood pressure may rise simultaneously to making your heart stronger so that there is less force on your arteries.