PCN PPG Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Please the minutes from our first PCN PPG Steering Group Meeting:

PPG PCN Steering Group: Chester East PCN



Heath Lane Medical Centre


In attendance:

·         Sharon King PCN Strategic Manager and Gail Harrower PCN Administrator (for 1st hour)

·         BHC – Clive Jones, Maureen Pardoe and Margaret Yorke

·         PMC – Francis Burgess and Ian Lambert

·         HL – Dave Morris, Jane Bignall, Chrissie Myler and Mike Crofton

·         UVS – Bob Redhead

PPG Steering Group introduction:

·         Voiced concerns again over PPG taking place of practice PPGs

·         SK confirmed that the PCN PPG will complement the work done by practice PPGs, working in parallel and not seeking to replace them.

Proposed structure for future meetings

·         Agenda for each meeting published in advance

·         Publish minutes and actions to practices and PPG members in 1st instance.

·         Frequency of meetings: Quarterly until it is established and can be reviewed

·         Wednesday afternoons every 13 weeks: GH to send out next invite to PPG chairs to forward onto members.

SK gave update on our progress as a PCN

Summary of Health and Wellbeing Objectives:

1.       Improving Patient Access

2.       Healthy Population

3.       Working in Partnership

4.       Sustainable working

Summary of Q4 achievements:

·         Telephony upgrades in all 4 practices: call back system now in place to help with 8 am peak call times

·         PCN to review how eConsult can be best utilised.

·         Review of our local disease prevalence’s and actions taken including our Healthy Hearts rehab programme and extra plans to focus on Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes via the newly appointed Dietician.  We also discussed the extra Counselling Service that will run for a total of 20 hours p/w on a Monday from 4-8pm face to face for all PCN patients.

·         Explanation of Care Coordinator Role and other Additional Role Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)roles.

·         As a PCN we have maxed out on are ARRS budget and as such now have the following additional roles in place across the PCN practices:

·         7 Clinical Pharmacists

·         2 Community Paramedics/Advanced Practitioners

·         3 Care Coordinators

·         2 Trainee or Nurse Associates

·         3 extra Physios

·         1 Social Prescribing Link Worker

·         1 Mental Health Practitioner

·         1 Mental Health Counseller

·         2 GP Assistants

·         1 Dietician (due to start in April 23)

SK then gave update on some of the contractual changes to General Practice due in this next financial year as per the NHSE letter published earlier this month:

·         There has been an increase of 11% on GP appointments vs pre pandemic levels

·         Most of the Impact and Investment Fund (IIF) Targets for 23.24 have been suspended with the aim of freeing up clinical time to focus on patient care

·         Additional funding will be given to GP practices with the aim of improving access

·         No 1 priority for NHSE for Primary Care is maximising patient access

·         There is an increase in the flexibility of our use of some of the ARRS roles

·         There will be a change from a two-dose to a one-dose HPV programme for those aged 14 to 25 years from 1 September 2023 to align with the school’s programme.

·         From 1 September 2023 changes to the Shingles Programme to implement the JCVI recommendations will be as follows:


• Replacement of Zostavax with the 2-dose Shingrix vaccine as Zostavax goes out of production.

• 2-dose Shingrix vaccine for the current 70-79-year-old cohort with a period of 26 weeks to 52 weeks between doses following the depletion of Zostavax.

• Expansion of the immunocompromised cohort to offer 2-dose Shingrix to individuals aged 50 years and over with a period between doses of 8 weeks to 26 weeks.

• Expansion of the immunocompetent cohort to offer 2-dose Shingrix routinely to individuals aged 60 years and over with a period between doses of 26 weeks to 52 weeks, remaining an opportunistic offer up to and including 79 years of age.


·         ACTION: SK to find out why there is a difference in the communication process from the Countess Hospital back to patients: some receiving letters directly, but in some cases the practice receives the letter.

There was discussion throughout the meeting of how we best engage our patient population on the improvements and changes that we have made as a PCN – we already have a website and facebook site, but we need to think of other engagement routes to reach out to as many patients as possible.

This will form the basis of our discussion for our next meeting at the end of Q1 (Gail will send out invites).


Next meeting 28/06/23


Heath Lane Medical Centre